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A Brief History

Dry Ridge

Laura Ann Freeman to write later

In the Area

While Dry Ridge appears to be a separate, geographically- defined community, there were numerous African-American residences and lots in the surrounding neighborhood, now abandoned. We are reaching out to find descendants of the former residents.

Surnames included in our search are McClure, Lewis and Conkwright and Quisenberry. We expect there will be many more names as we move forward into the history of the Corinth CME Church, as the location of this church signifies a vibrant community of color.

Corinth CME Church

On the National Register of Historic Places, the Corinth CME church was …Laura Ann Freeman has to go get register nomination book. Will do this week

Board Members and Researchers

Tom Richards

Board member

Laura Freeman

Board member

Roberta Newell

Board member

Mary Margaret Taul

Board member

Harry Enoch

Board member

Dr. Thanayi Jackson


Professor of History at Berea College

Dr. Andrew Baskin


Head of the Department of African American
history at Berea College

Hon. Alex Rowady


Hon. Michael Rowady


We invite all heirs to Dry Ridge to become members of Friends of Dry Ridge. In June, we will be having a farm-to-table banquet in your honor. Please contact, Tom at, or Dr. Jackson at

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