Corinth CME Deeds


The Corinth CME Church was established in the 1880’s. It was disbanded and the church building and lot were sold to Sheila Howard in 2015.

Below are names of the people active at the church’s founding.

DB 50:303
on November 14, 1883
for $140
from George and Phillis Gaitskill of color
to Trustees Colored M. E. Church of Corinth,
William Wilson, Manson Vivion, Harry Haggard
conveys 1 acre for the benefit of the Colored M. E. church of Corinth

DB 53:560
on January 13, 1887
for $45
from Trustees for Corinth CME Church,
Manson Vivion, Harry Haggard, John Thomas
to William Willson and John W. Willson of color

conveys a lot 184 feet by 96 feet bounded on the east by Betty Baty, on the south by the county road, on the west by the Church, on the north by the C&O Railroad

DB 56:252
on June 25, 1888
for $35
from Trustees of Corinth Church colored,
William Wilson, Manson Vivion, Harry Haggard [John Thomas also signed the deed]
to Clay Ecton assignee of Elizabeth Baty

conveys a tract of 1 rood, 12½ poles on Georges Fork of Big Stoner Creek bounded by the dirt road, church and railroad

DB 174:613
on June 9, 1965
for $1 and valuable considerations
from Trustees of Corinth CME Church,
Carl Davis, Dixie Fox, Orville Davis [Rev. E. P. Piersawl, Preacher in Charge, and Rev. M. Hunt, P.E., Presiding Officer, Quarterly Conference of CME Churches, also signed the deed]
to David Stone

conveys a small tract of land [gives the metes and bounds]

DB 504:333
on May 19, 2015
for $17,500 cash in hand
from Christian Methodist Episcopal Church c/o Kentucky Region of the Second Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, 7030 Reading Road, Suite 244, Cincinnati, OH 45236
to Sheila Howard, dba [doing business as] Creekside Meeting Assembly of 11 Fairview, Winchester, KY 40391
selling part of the property conveyed the church in DB 50:303 supposed to include 1 acre, not to include property sold to David Stone in DB 174:613

DB 506:895
on [no date]
for one dollar
from Sheila Howard
to Creekside Meeting Establishment, Inc.
selling the same property conveyed in DB 504:333 with fair cash value of $17,500.

Articles of Incorporation 19:479
on August 26, 2015
of Creekside Meeting Establishment, Inc.
with directors Sheila S. Howard, 11 Fairview Ave., Winchester
Johnny Ray Stanfield, 175 Privacy Lane, “
Austin J. Howard, 224 Leslie Drive